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Nedi L. Cantero


“Happiness is felt by making people happy.“

Nedi Cantero is a Business and Office Technology student of a Minglanilla catholic school called Mary Our Help. After graduating in 2006 she then received further training at Wellmade Motors as a member of the company’s purchasing staff. She is also an active member of Rotaract Club in Cebu (Mandaue Chapter) from May 2006 to December 2006.

Nedi became a staff of Aycardo Veterinary Center at age 19. She was appointed as the front desk receptionist of the said establishment. She was trained to accomodate clients, make them feel at safe and at home at the clinic. It is her first job since her one year training at Wellmade Motors.

The front desk personell’s responsibility is not taken lightly for it represents the face of AVCI. The way a person handles herself would weigh heavily on the first impression of the clients and so far, Nedi has done an exceptional job. She has managed to establish a firm rapport with AVCI’s clientele and because of this, AVCI is proud to have her.