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Dr. Gerald B. Aycardo

Head Veterinarian

“We are judged by how we finish, not by how we start.“

Dr. Gerald graduated cum laude on the year 2000 at the University of the Philippines at Los Banos (UPLB). He is versatile in many things, from treating of dogs, cats, poultry & swine, to formulating least-cost feed formulations and developing vet softwares. He has taught as a Pathology instructor at the Southwestern University, and has set up a web site for vets preparing for the Philippine board exams. He upgrades himself with his daily studies and by taking up continuing education (CE) courses offered in the US. Dr. Gerald's practice focuses more on the endocrinology and cardiology of dogs and cats.

Believing in giving out the best of what life has to offer, Dr. Gerald never tires in his daily preparation to give each client the best care his/her pet deserves. His day is always made when a client smiles with satisfaction.

On vacant times, Dr. Gerald loves to play billiards with friends, or zealously challenge his laptop computer over a game of chess, or go malling with his family during the weekends.