Eljie M. Alicante, DVM

Veterinarian Technician

“Believe in youself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. Believe deep down in your heart that you re destined to do great things.“

Eljie Alicante hails from Masbate Philippines. He is the second among 6 children and shares his home with fifteen pet dogs. His love for animals is so ingrained in his being that it is inevitable that he pursue a degree in veterinary medicine.

He pursued his studies in Southwestern University Cebu major in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. During his time here, horses and cattle caught his interest hence his membership in West Side Rodeo Club (West Roc). He became very active in this club and competed in a lot of events. He graduated last 2006.

Upon graduation, Eljie decided to give back to his community by enrolling in a volunteer program in the municipality of Cataingan Masbate City as a consultant in Animal Health Organization. He spent years serving the people of Masbate until he got invited to join the team of Aycardo Veterinary Center Inc. (AVCI).

Knowing that an opportunity like this comes only once in a lifetime, Eljie took the position at AVCI and its been a dream ever since. Working under the tutelage of Dr. Gerald Aycardo and Dr. Jaime Aycardo has been most rewarding. His skills at animal handling are at an all time high and so are his animal treatment capabilities. At the same time, AVCI is proud to have him as part of their family.

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